June 4, 2008


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Recently I have found myself spending a little more time in front of the boob tube – either watching some elections coverage or the ever occurring comedy in the financial world on CNBC. A hallmark of the commercials on both CNN and CNBC it seems are ads by companies that everyone likes to hate. Thus you have DOW of Bhopal and Agent Orange fame telling us how they care about the Human element (BTW, the Human element ads are beautiful ads, just that they promote DOWs BS), the oil companies talking about how wonderful they are and helping the world meet its dual challenges of energy production and protecting the environment (they never address how they help protect the environment), the big Pharma companies advertising about their bus that goes to various small towns helping people and giving free medicine and the coal guys talking about how coal is the energy of the future and clean as hell (clean burning smoking hell indeed!!). Turns out they even have a term for this – Greenwashing. And they are now indexing such corporate gems and more.

Some corporation watching guys also have a good article on the new hype in the business world about marketing everything as green (they are of course giving the market what it wants). Of course, when it comes to BS commercials, my favorite are the Budweiser commercials where the dude goes on and on about how they use they best ingredients and processes to create the beer – if it sucks so bad after all this, wonder what would have happened if the best material was not used. And of the Budweiser (or was it Miller) commercial about how they recycle more cans than they produce – how come they do not talk about the grains that go in making beer which would have been used to feed someone in the times of the food crisis.

UPDATE : Found this on NPR.


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